Firelight Ranch - Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Senior Does

 Email for additional information or for photos of parents, grand-parents, kids from each doe, etc.

"The collars pictured are designed to break if they get hung up on something. We advise never leaving quality dog collars on a goat due to strangling risks."


First Freshening Does

October Road FFS Blackberry 

Sire: *B Fuji Farm RTR Samsun +VV84

(Rosasharn SP Triumph x Sandy Hollow UK Sunshine)

Dam: Odeon RT Tequila Sunrise

(Rosasharn SP Triumph x Odeon ATS Circus of the Sun)

Jet Black! WATTLES


Kidding History:

2014 - Triplets (2 Does, 1 Buck) by J-Nels LY Southern Comfort 

2015 - ? by Firelight FW Goblin King

 "Proper" Photos Soon!

 -I will get posed photos soon, but this is a pretty good set up standing in the field! Especially when she'd rather be in my face.-


 - FF Udder As A Yearling-

I just purchased Blackberry, she kidded with triplets but lost one, and she was only nursing a single doe kid by the time I picked her up, so this is not a full udder on this girl but gives shape idea. She's lovely to milk!


Junior Does/Doelings

Firelight DW Harley Quinn

Sire: Diji Farm CG Densil Washington +V+83

(Poppy Patch RC Cary Grant x Medallion Ridge CH Cheyenne)

Dam: KW Farms GM Kens 5LeafKlover

(Little Tots Estate Geum x Mead Mountain Butterscotch)

Chocolate Roan W/White - Moonspots & Blue Eyes


Kidding History:

2015: ? by Firelight FW Goblin King

 "Proper" Photos Soon!

- Quinn just returned to me! Her pasture picture really doesn't show just how level her topline is from withers to tail! The family I sold her to with her dam at only a week old didn't burn her horn buds, and they tried clipping the horns off when they grew. So now she has flat tops on her little horns and gets to go through the banding procedure so we can show next year.  She has a  few tiny definite moonspots. Her dam can be seen below. Sire on buck page.-




Reference Does

 KW Farms GM Kens 5LeafKlover

Sire: Little Tots Estate Geum

(Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend x Tyny Tsandy)

Dam: Mead Mountain Butterscotch

(Strongbow Billy The Kid x Morning Star COH Orchid)

Gold W/White & Blue Eyes 

DOB: 6/10

-Photo not filled, at pasture nursing two kids..Klover's legs are not naturally posty!!-

- Shortly after she arrived, she escaped and found her way into a shed next door and injured her leg. So, she doesn't set up well. She had beautiful rear leg angulation and a very smooth topline..because of how she has to stand, her rear leg looks posty. Below is a photo of her as a kid to show her natural stance. Yes, she gets around fine..she can outrun people, jump, and rear up to head butt other goats, the vet cleared her to carry/nurse kids!-

-Photo by KK Snowd'n Acres-

 Kidding History: 

2011: Triplets (ALL Doelings!) by Proctor Hill Farm SV Moscato

2012: Quads (3 Bucks, 1 Doe) by J-Nels SQ Donnie 

2013: Quads (3 Bucks, 1 Doe) by Goldenbrook Farms MR Fireworks

2014: Quintuplets! (4 Bucks, 1 Doe) by Diji Farm CG Densil Washington

- 3 Months Fresh (She had quads, but at this point had been nursing only two for over a month, not being milked.) -

Show History: N/A



 Bellafire DC Angel Face


Sire: Rosasharn S Decoroso *B

(Rosasharn SW Sapporo +B EEE 91 x Rosasharn MRC B-Coming 5*M VEVV89)

Dam: Poppy Patch PB Peggy Sue VEEV89

(NC Promisedland PAL Playboy *B x Poppy Patch FM Daisy Mae)

Apricot Buckskin 

DOB: May 8, 2011

-Udder not filled in above photo, at pasture nursing two kids-

 -Second Freshening-

 Kidding History:

2012 - Single Buck by Camanna LI Odin's Eclipse 

2013 - Triplets (2 Bucks, 1 Doe) by Goldenbrook Farms MR Fireworks

2014 -  Triplets by Firelight Mad Hatter

Show History: 1st x 2 in 2013